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Military vehicles on the battlefield, rescuers entering a dangerous zone, and presidential caravans must be able to rescue injured or sick individuals without risking their lives. An armored ambulance provides the means to rescue them safely and securely.

Armor International’s armored ambulances are designed according to the specific needs of their customers. They range from basic transport units to those that are emergency-equipped. Two ambulance styles are available: the civilian and the military.

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“When you work hard, you want a 4wd that can
keep up no matter what the conditions are.

You want the Toyota Land Cruiser 78 series
to be a serious 4wd for serious off road conditions.”

The Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ78 Hardtop series, is a well known platform applied to a wide range of operations. The Armored Four Wheel Drive Ambulance conversion, provides safe medical assistance and rescue in extremely hazardous situations. The Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ78 series vehicle can be armored from Level B4 to B7. Several ambulance configurations and specialized ambulance accessories are available upon request. Each ambulance is custom built to satisfy customer specifications and requirements. This unit is intended
for emergency transportation. It is not an intensive care unit.

armored ambulance


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